Targeted training

Practising therapeutic handling skills in targeted training

In 2021, team BBP took part in training for the Segmented Assessment of Trunk Control (SATCo) and Targeted Training. This ground-breaking technique focuses on head, neck and trunk control through supporting the child as low as possible. The validated and evidence-based assessment looks at the child’s strengths and areas that need strengthening and from this, a bespoke Targeted Training programme is created. The programme engages muscles through play, strengthening the spine from the top downwards, and gradually reducing the support to lower and lower around the child, as they gain strength.

The children’s physio team learning about targeted training

What is included in this package?
Our Targeted Training package includes two assessments, and eight home visits. During the first assessment, you will be visited by two physiotherapists who will carry out a SATCo assessment. This is quite lengthy, and for this reason, we ask that you could kindly fill in our information form beforehand, so that we don’t need to do boring adult talk on the day, as well as the assessment! This way, adults can be used for entertainment purposes instead! During the assessment, your child needs to be suitably undressed with the majority of their spine showing. We will have a look at them in supported sitting and standing, and we may take photographs in accordance with the privacy guidelines set out by HCPC[DB1] . These will be used for your child’s assessment purposes only, and will not be stored. At this home visit, a programme will be devised, and taught to parents and family. In between each session, you’ll have ‘homework’ to complete, to challenge your child and move on to the next strengthening part of the programme.

Which children can benefit from Targeted Training?
Generally speaking, children who can sit independently but fatigue quickly and use their hands for support, children who cannot sit independently and struggle with head control, and children who can sit independently, stand with minimal support, but ‘slump’ after a period of time and become tired. However, children are all very different, so the best thing you can do is speak to a physiotherapist to find out if your child may benefit!

[DB1]I would add the link to the guidelines here