Ten-year-old Martina is an adventurous and curious young lady who has a passion for dancing, cuddles and exploring new places. Martina was born with Angelman syndrome and uses a wheelchair to access her favourite places in the community – and to show off her latest dance moves!

Martina has been with Bumble Bee Physio for over three years, seeing Hannah, and then Krissi for her physio sessions in the comfort of her home each week. When she first started, Martina was not able to sit on a bench by herself. However, now she has not only mastered this skill, but has also started to stand on her own – a huge achievement for this superstar!

Tapping into her adventurous side, Martina loves being outdoors and when we’re blessed with good enough weather, Martina is sure to persuade Krissi to do her physio sessions in the playground – the perfect environment for Martina to get the most from her newfound physical abilities.

Martina works with a great team of therapists who all help her to achieve her full potential. Hannah and Krissi have worked jointly with Martina’s speech and language therapist, orthopaedic surgeon and schoolteachers to ensure excellent communications, consistency and results for Martina.

‘Absolutely fantastic team. Hannah and Jasmine are both amazing. Their approach, support and expertise make the physio sessions enjoyable and, at the same time, really professional. I highly recommend it!’
– Martina’s mum, Raquel



Henry was a kind and friendly six-year-old who loved reading, bouncing on his gym ball and singing! His favourite song was ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ which was often met with a beaming smile during his physio sessions.

Hannah and Krissi both had the pleasure of working with Henry, who had a diagnosis of Rett syndrome and was non-verbal, for over four years. Over this time Hannah they saw some fantastic results due to Henry’s hard work, motivation and determination.

Henry learned to sit up by himself, kneel all on his own, and stand up using his own legs to take all his weight – an absolutely fantastic achievement!
Since his diagnosis Henry had an amazing team of therapists helping him achieve his goals. Hannah worked jointly with his orthotic team, speech and language therapists, music therapists, school therapists and occupational therapists, for a streamlined and collaborative working approach to Henry’s care.

Hannah and Krissi miss Henry all the time, and he changed the way they work at Bumble Bee Physio. Henry taught us that with patience and determination, almost anything is possible.

‘Our son lights up when he sees Hannah which is a great motivator for doing well in his sessions. I would recommend Bumble Bee to any parent looking for a therapist to help their child achieve their fullest potential.’
– Mary, Henry’s mum



With a passion for shoelaces, sensory toys and working hard, Atlas was adored by all at Bumble Bee Physio. An incredibly motivated young boy, Atlas was diagnosed with global development delay and soon began work with the team due to issues with reaching his gross motor milestones, including the inability to walk independently.

With weekly visits from Jasmin for roughly eight weeks, Atlas started walking independently – a skill which was met with great excitement from Atlas’ family, friends and the Bumble Bee Physio team.

He has also worked hard on his core strength and you could also see him sitting up tall and using his strong abs to reach across for sensory toys, shoelaces or bubbles!

Jasmin was able to work closely with Atlas’ paediatrician and his NHS physiotherapist for a streamlined and efficient approach to his programme, to ensure Atlas reached his full physical potential.

Once Atlas started walking, he worked with Jasmin to improve his balance. He no longer required physiotherapy after this time, and was discharged with useful information on incorporating exercises into play!



Mofe is a happy and adventurous seven-year-old who loves jumping on the trampoline, soft play and bouncy castles. But his all-time favourite activity is flicking through books, the thicker the book, the better.

Mofe also loves water and will always try to jump in a pond, pool or puddle when no one is looking!

The Bumble Bee Physio team began work with Mofe following diagnosis that he has autism and is non-verbal. He walks on his toes and can often be very anxious when visiting clinics  and when clinical people assess him. With this in mind, and in an effort to make Mofe feel comfortable and calm, Jasmin and Hannah were able to assess Mofe in the comfort of his own home and distract him with sensory toys while assessing him. Mofe was happy and compliant for the whole assessment, thanks to our wriggly sensory centipede who instantly distracted and excited him.

Following his assessment, the team at Bumble Bee Physio worked with the NHS orthotic team to ensure Mofe had the best (and coolest) footwear. He now has better alignment and an improved gait pattern due to his new orthotics. Not only has this benefited him physically, but Mofe’s new shoes have also come in handy for exploring outside and joining his friends in the playground!