Special Tomato

We love Special Tomato and their Jogger buggies and seating inserts! We also LOVE the wedges and rolls for therapy.

Lots of our superheroes like to access fun activities and off-road adventures, and often wheelchairs can be a bit cumbersome and heavy, but the off-road Special Tomato buggy has super adventure-proof wheels and still has the support needed for differently abled children.

The seating inserts are really useful for eating, inclusive activities such as learning and messy play, and we use them for our joint music therapy and speech and language sessions, so our superheroes are supported enough to use their arms and their voices!

We also love the wedges and rolls, these are great for working on strength and streeeetches during physiotherapy sessions, and even better, they are soft AND wipe clean for our fun and messy creative physio sessions!