We love R82 and the Meerkat standing frame! We are always recommending this standing frame to our superhero clients, and we work with the friendly representatives (mostly Gabi!) to trail these standers in our clients’ homes.

Improving core strength in the R82 Meerkat standing frame

The Meerkat stander is the only stander that can be safely adjusted to allow hip support and below only. The majority of standers are excellent for ‘passive’ standing but do not allow room for trunk control, so important for sitting balance, and preventing or delaying scoliosis. Other standers do have the option to remove support, however you are left with large poles either side of the stander. The Meerkat has a fully adjustable main post, which can be lowered as the superhero works on their balance. It is also possible to add chest support and a tray, so superheroes can carry out passive standing and fun activities in standing as well.

Working on standing endurance in the Meerkat stander_

The Meerkat stander comes with a rocker base for a super challenge! This allows children to work on their balance and saving reactions in standing, you can even adjust the amount of rock!

Here is Luka using only the footplates to carry out sustained standing, and Henry is practising reaching with the wobble base! Go Luka and Henry!

Strengthening trunk muscles in the R82 Meerkat stander