Oncology and cancer

What is cancer of the nervous system?
Cancer of the nervous system can be any type of cancer in the central or peripheral nervous system.

Physical symptoms
Cancer of the nervous system can cause a range of symptoms from weakness, paralysis, reduced balance, poor co-ordination skills and high or low muscle tone. Symptoms vary based on the type of cancer, the size of the tumour and its location in the body.

We are skilled in assessing children with cancer of the nervous system copy

Our superheroes
One of our teenage superheroes sadly passed away but continues to live on in the hearts of all at BBP! She worked with Team BBP to fulfil her wish of attending Disneyland Paris with her family and friends. She worked hard during every session, working on mobility, positioning and strength so that she could travel to Paris. She had a wonderful time and managed to meet all of her favourite characters. Before starting physiotherapy, our superhero was not able to sit on the edge of the bed independently and did not think Disneyland was possible. Despite being in the terminal stage of her cancer, she was determined to increase her strength and independence, which significantly reduced her pain. She was then able to explore Disneyland with her family in her wheelchair, independently transferring during all of her travels!

How can physiotherapy help?
Physiotherapy intervention varies based on the type of cancer. However, one thing always remains; physio will focus on the hopes and expectations of your superhero. This may include positioning and breathing exercises to minimise pain, mobility exercises to maintain independence, or regaining full strength after surgery and chemotherapy and the all-clear. Our superhero’s goals are always the centre of our therapy intervention, and we will never push unwanted therapy for our brave cancer warriors.

Positioning and stretches
Cancer of the central nervous system can cause high muscle tone, or hypertonia. This can lead to pain and discomfort. We are skilled in creating sustainable and pain limiting positions to both increase comfort and limit tone abnormalities.

Balance, strength and rehabilitation
If your superhero has had surgery or chemotherapy, we can help rehabilitate them to their previous strength. We are highly motivating and use bespoke goal setting to increase motivation, even during challenging times. One of our superheroes had very little motivation, until we arranged a charity experience for him to ride in a car on the racetrack! He was so excited, he successfully completed his programme and gained back his strength in seven weeks, ready for his experience of a lifetime!

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