First visit



Mofe is a happy and adventurous seven-year-old who loves jumping on the trampoline, soft play and bouncy castles. But his all-time favourite activity is flicking through books, the thicker the book, the better.

Mofe also loves water and will always try to jump in a pond, pool or puddle when no one is looking!

The Bumble Bee Physio team began work with Mofe following diagnosis that he has autism and is non-verbal. He walks on his toes and can often be very anxious when visiting clinics  and when clinical people assess him. With this in mind, and in an effort to make Mofe feel comfortable and calm, Jasmin and Hannah were able to assess Mofe in the comfort of his own home and distract him with sensory toys while assessing him. Mofe was happy and compliant for the whole assessment, thanks to our wriggly sensory centipede who instantly distracted and excited him.

Following his assessment, the team at Bumble Bee Physio worked with the NHS orthotic team to ensure Mofe had the best (and coolest) footwear. He now has better alignment and an improved gait pattern due to his new orthotics. Not only has this benefited him physically, but Mofe’s new shoes have also come in handy for exploring outside and joining his friends in the playground!