Meet the team!


Krissi joined Bumble Bee Physio in May 2021. Since qualifying with a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in Manchester, she has worked for the NHS in children and adult services. After this, she worked in special needs schools and now spends her time providing high-quality therapy to the superheroes at BBP. Krissi also has experience in riding for the disabled, and really enjoys taking her clients horse-riding!

Krissi is passionate about developing close working relationships with her clients and their families, and working towards family-centred goals. Krissi is qualified to measure and prescribe DMO Lycra, to assess and deliver Targeted Training therapy, to assess body asymmetry with the Goldsmith Indices of Body Symmetry, and to deliver our special CME and physiotherapy treatment programmes.

Krissi’s passion for working with children with complex needs started during her gap year in 2013 when she travelled to Bolivia to volunteer in a special needs school. There, she learned excellent handling skills and how to be creative to keep things fun and engaging.

Krissi grew up on a farm and loves a good adventure! She loves to keep fit and ran the London Marathon in 2018, raising £2,500 for Cancer Research. Krissi is also a real family girl and spends lots of time entertaining and playing with her nephews! She loves to organise fun activities and holidays with all of her family and friends!


Emily grew up by the beach in a coastal city in Australia and recently relocated to the UK. She graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours). A background in competitive swimming and diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes drives her passion about leading an active, healthy lifestyle and has led her to develop a deep understanding of the biological, psychological and social factors that play an important role in our daily health and wellbeing. Emily developed a special interest in working with children and young adults with neurological conditions after completing her Honours Research Project on the effect strength has on swimming performance in non-ambulant young adults with moderate to severe cerebral palsy. Emily also has considerable experience in running hydrotherapy sessions for children with complex needs and enjoys thinking outside the box and utilising different environments to help each child reach their potential. Emily’s favourite season is Autumn so outside of work she enjoys long walks in the park admiring the Autumn leaves and embracing the cooler weather! Emily does a lot of boxing and Pilates after having taught Reformer Pilates classes back in Australia. She loves to dance and sing to music as well which makes her sessions the most enjoyable!

Hannah S

Hannah has worked with children for over 20 years. She graduated with a first-class BSc(hons) in physiotherapy and has an MSc in advanced paediatric physiotherapy. Hannah knew from the age of nine she wanted to be a children’s physio, and volunteered as a carer for disabled children, in a creche, at a conductive education centre and various special schools and respite centres throughout her teenage years, until she was finally old enough to study her dream career!

Since qualifying, Hannah has only worked with children; in six special schools, an outpatient clinic and an inpatient children’s ward. She finished her NHS career as a lead consultant physiotherapist for children with complex disabilities, before starting Bumble Bee Physio in February 2019.

Hannah is a passionate disability advocate and enjoys taking children with disabilities on adventures, working out in the gym and taking her toddler on London day trips!


Livestream Model

Akari is the most recent member to join team BBP, because she hasn’t been around for long! She is a a lively toddler old and loves ride her balance bike. Akari helps with the livestream physio sessions on YouTube as a model.


Anthony is married to Hannah Spink and runs the business behind the scenes! He has lots of experience with disabled children and volunteered with Hannah at Holy Trinity Brompton as a one-to-one buddy for children who needed extra support. Hannah and Anthony met when helping out at a camp for children with additional needs!

Anthony works as a lawyer and provides technical assistance for all of Hannah’s Facebook livestreams!

Anthony’s role in Bumble Bee Physio is sorting out the boring old legal stuff! But you may also see him say hello on our social media pages.

Anthony enjoys playing video games, working out and looking after his pet rabbits in his spare time!


Rachel is a talented architect who designs buildings for NHS services, clinics and hospitals. She has a huge passion for accessible and adapted buildings, and dreams of all buildings being inclusive for wheelchair users!

Rachel designs and updates our website and has worked her magic super-fast in the ever changing COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our website up to date with government guidelines, and our social media live sessions!

Rachel is Hannah Spink’s sister and lives in London near Hannah. The two sisters grew up in the Hampshire countryside, and love beautiful walks together in the London parks, as well as afternoon tea in London’s cafes! Rachel cycled 100 miles in the Prudential ride for the British Heart Foundation, raising over £800! Go Rachel!