First visit



Ten-year old Martina is an adventurous and curious young lady who has a passion for dancing, cuddles and exploring new places. Martina was born with Angelman syndrome and uses a wheelchair to access her favourite places in the community – and to show off her latest dance moves!

Martina has been with Bumble Bee Physio for six months, seeing both Hannah and Jasmin for her physio sessions in the comfort of her home each week. When she first started, Martina was not able to sit on a bench by herself. However, now she has not only mastered this skill, but has also started to stand on her own – a huge achievement for our little superstar!

Tapping into her adventurous side, Martina loves being outdoors and when we’re blessed with good enough weather, Martina is sure to persuade Hannah and Jasmin to do her physio sessions in the playground – the perfect environment for Martina to get the most from her newfound physical abilities.

Martina works with a great team of therapists who all help her to achieve her full potential. Hannah and Jasmin have worked jointly with Martina’s speech and language therapist, orthopaedic surgeon and schoolteachers to ensure excellent communications, consistency and results for Martina.

Absolutely fantastic team. Hannah and Jasmine are both amazing. Their approach, support and expertise make the physio sessions enjoyable and, at the same time, really professional. I highly recommend it!’
– Martina’s mum, Raquel