Low cost group therapy

Does your child need a top up of their NHS physiotherapy? Do they work well with other children to engage with? We are trialling a new low cost group clinic for up to six children, in central London!

There will be a range of activities set up with different equipment in a brand new, large room with loads of space! Each activity will be set up for all abilities, and children will go around the room with their parents and try them all out. Hannah or Krissi will visit every child for hands on therapy and assistance, feedback, and bespoke goals will be given to each child at the start of the group. If children are working on the same skills, they can do these together whilst playing the same game, or with the same toys. Each child’s goals will be re-assessed at the end of the group.

Every child who comes to group therapy needs to have either an initial assessment, or a ‘Get to know’ session. This is so that we can tailor the groups to meet everyone’s needs, planning in advance with knowledge about each child. This session lasts 30 minutes, and costs £40 with a programme, or £30 without. This session will also include setting goals for your child.

By attending our group therapy, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions found here.

Low cost group therapy takes place at both of our clinics, for blocks of 6-8 weeks at a time. This gives parents a chance to carry out therapy themselves between blocks, it gives as many children as possible the opportunity to carry out group therapy, and it gives us time to reflect, learn, and make changes between each block. Group therapy is new to us, we are learning too and we will always appreciate your valuable feedback.

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For days and times of our current group therapy blocks, and to register your interest, please email us here.

A one-to-one session usually costs £110, these sessions will cost £30 on a pay as you go basis, or £20 if paid up front, in two instalments (four weeks at a time). The group will have no more than six children in it. This is a great saving, and we have found that children are more motivated when working with peers!

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