Firefly and Leckey


Firefly and Leckey products are some of the best on the market. We recommend all sorts of their products, a few of our favourites are the Squiggles and Playpak mats, the GoTo seat and the Horizon standing frame.

We love the play mats which encourage gross motor skills such as supportive sitting, prone lying, crawling and transitions. One of our baby superheroes just learned to sit with the Squiggles therapy set!

The Mygo standing frame offers an excellent position for children with knee and hip contractures who may find other standing frames uncomfortable, and it also provides great chest support when used as a prone stander.

The Myway walker is fantastic to use for inclusive activities such as messy play or crafts! The open front makes exploring easy and one of our teenage kids uses his for kicking a football in his local playing field!