Ceuvas Medek Exercises (CME)

CME DMI Therapy at Bumble Bee Physio
CME DMI Therapy at Bumble Bee Physio

Ceuvas Medek Exercises/CME is very similar to Dynamic Movement Intervention/DMI therapy, and Team BBP use these techniques with all our superheroes! Provoking gravity responses is something that Team BBP have always found extremely useful for making progress with our clients.

Hannah did CME training in December 2020 with Simona DeMarchi, who is a level 4 certified CME practitioner, trained by Ceuvas Medek himself in Chile. She learned so many amazing techniques to add to BBP’s collection of gravity-provoking positions. Together with her team, BBP created exercises and programmes using a mixture of CME and physiotherapy.

CME training uses a collection of specific exercises with certain handling and does not use standard equipment such as gait trainers, gaiters, orthotics or standing frames. This specific approach has proved very useful and beneficial for many of our clients who present in a particular way. However, to make CME more accessible to every superhero, Hannah and her team have adapted the CME techniques. They incorporate the same gravity-provoking ideas into exercises, with variable handling to suit the needs of each client, in addition to the use of equipment and orthotics. This way our clients get the best of both worlds!

To take part in BBP’s special combined CME and physiotherapy programmes, contact us.