Buzzing with fun

We are the best at making physiotherapy FUN! Most of our superhero clients hardly realise they are working out in our sessions. All of our short-term and medium-term SMART goals are aimed at FUNctional skills for playing.

Exploring the sensory activites at the Discovery Centre in Stratford

Home visits

During term time, we make our strengthening sessions as motivating as possible in our clients’ own homes, using their favourite toys, music, messy play and our own special toys. But when it comes to school holidays and half terms, we take the FUN up a level!

Henry standing tall working on his strength in children’s physio in the park

School holiday adventures

We like to put our clients’ newfound strength into action, by taking them for physiotherapy sessions in playgrounds, trampoline parks, soft play centres, playgrounds, climbing walls and lots more adventures! Our physio team know all of the best inclusive, accessible and FUN venues around London, and if somewhere is not accessible, we will work with the management to try and facilitate this. One of our favourite places to take our clients is the Discovery Centre in Stratford. Hannah LOVES trampolining, and sometimes she uses a physio session as an excuse to bounce herself!

Jasmin enjoys the outdoors, and recently took a superhero to a non-accessible local playground and was able to facilitate them to use the mainstream equipment!

Martina exploring the swings during neurological physiotherapy in the park

Making the impossible happen!

No matter what your child’s needs are, we will work as hard as we can to give them the best opportunities to access FUN adventures. We receive regular training from a moving and handling expert, who knows all sorts of outside-of-the-box inclusive inventions, to make the ‘impossible’ happen! Hannah was able to take a heavy teenager with complex needs to a trampoline park with their family, by hiring a specialist sling that did not require a hoist. The possibilities are endless, and we will work our magic to make sure your superhero can use their newfound superpowers!

Physio parties

We host regular get togethers for our clients to socialise, while developing gross motor skills and strength in a stimulating and FUN environment. For our next party, we have hired out an entire soft play centre in Wimbledon! We can’t wait!

Testing out gross motor skills in the playground

Superhero-specific FUN

FUN doesn’t happen without motivation, and we need to communicate with our superheroes to find out what their favourite activities are. Therefore, our physio team receive bespoke and specialist training from specialist paediatric speech and language therapists, as well as Makaton training from sensory integration experts.

School FUN

Where required, we visit schools to show the therapy team, and teaching staff, how to best facilitate newly learned skills gained at Bumble Bee Physio. This might be progressing to a new and less supportive walker or using an accessible trike in the playground for having FUN with friends!

Visit our social media for regular updates of our superheroes having fun on their physio adventures! You can find us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.