Baby MOTs

A Bumble Bee Physio Baby MOT is a full and thorough physical assessment of your baby’s gross motor skills. These can take place at any age and any time!

Baby groups and comparison

Joining in the fun during infant physiotherapy assessments!

With lots of parents attending baby groups and networking with other new parents, meeting babies of the same age is becoming easier! But what happens when you compare your baby with someone their exact age? You may have noticed your baby’s skills are different, behind, or slower to emerge.

Baby MOT or milestones

Baby development is a broad spectrum, and usually there is nothing to worry about. Did you know, your baby’s personality can affect their gross motor skills? Check out our confidence blog to find out more!  If they believe your baby’s skills are behind the ‘normal’ spectrum of development, health visitors may advise a physiotherapy assessment. A Baby MOT can help ease your anxiety and increase your confidence, with an assessment from experts in child development.

Relaxed and playful baby physiotherapy assessment

The BBP Baby MOT

All of our Baby MOTs take place in our clinics – either Aldgate or South Hampstead, and include a detailed report with short- and long-term goals (if needed) along with a programme of exercises to enable you to progress their motor development. BBP assesses  only your baby’s physical skills, but if our team have any concerns, they will direct you to the correct places, and make referrals to other health professionals as necessary.

The assessment

During your visit we will want to find out all about your baby! We want to know their likes, dislikes, whether they love strangers, or are cautious with new faces! We will ask all about you, your baby and family’s medical history, to get a full picture. This part usually takes around half the assessment, so your baby has time to relax and play, gradually getting used to a new face!

After we have talked about your baby, we will begin playing with them, warming up to them slowly, with nursery rhymes, peek a boo, whatever it takes! We may require baby to be partially undressed for some of the assessment, so we can get a full picture of their movements. We will motivate your baby with play and fun, to get them to perform movements through function.

When your baby is happy and content, we will carry out a small and painless physical assessment. We are used to doing these quickly and promptly! We will then demonstrate any exercises and explain their benefits. Future intervention will be discussed, as well as any concerns with your baby’s physical health, and appropriate referrals.

All babies work differently! Due to their young age, some babies work best when mum and dad carry out the exercises, little and often throughout the day. Other babies and parents prefer a physiotherapist to carry out sessions on a weekly basis.

Baby MOT home visit with report and programme: £200.00. In clinic: £180.00.

To book an assessment for your baby, email us here.