First visit



With a passion for shoelaces, sensory toys and working hard, three-year-old Atlas is adored by all at Bumble Bee Physio. An incredibly motivated young boy, Atlas was diagnosed with global development delay and soon began work with the team due to issues with reaching his gross motor milestones, including the inability to walk independently.

With weekly visits from Jasmin for roughly eight weeks, Atlas has recently started walking independently – a skill which was met with great excitement from Atlas’ family, friends and the Bumble Bee Physio team.

He has also worked hard on his core strength and you can often see him sitting up tall and using his strong abs to reach across for sensory toys, shoelaces or bubbles!

Jasmin was able to work closely with Atlas’ paediatrician and his NHS physiotherapist for a streamlined and efficient approach to his programme, to ensure Atlas reached his full physical potential.